Art of War: Legions v5.4.8 Mod APK Unlimited Soldiers

Art of War: Legions Mod APK

Art of War: Legions Mod APK is a famous strategy game developed by Hong Kong 10P Studio. The company provided it for free.  Dear friends this game has unique style to amuse you. It also has amazing cube shaped models and its nature is quite humorous. It provides the experience of an authentic and talented military soldier. Art of War: Legions allows you to make an army against the enemy. It provides you the opportunity to make precise and accurate decisions for ultimate success against the warriors. 

 This is an era of power struggle in the world everywhere. Unfortunately we are trapped in such a vortex where we can’t get freedom. It’s a continuous war increasing intensively gradually. This will always happen between the neighbors because they live in the adjacent areas. This intensive situation makes you defensive. Remember you have the best choice to defeat all the enemies who are attacking you. If you do not get success then  it shows your failure. 

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Correct use of Strategic Management

Art of War: Legions Apk is a fully strategic game where you have to plan things with your best knowledge. This is also a survival type game where you to make the plans to get success and defeat the enemies. As we all know that war is not simply physical but it also has the psychic aspect. At the start you may feel relaxed and place your force in desired areas or sections but when the intensity increases then it is difficult to manage in worse condition. So it depends upon your good planning how to appoint the soldiers in best condition. Mostly the people face the failure because the art of war will be unusual and challenging.  The single thing which minimize the difficulty is to increase the quantity of your soldiers.  This is also very challenging to manage and prepare the army to defeat the enemies. Let’s start the war and observe your job. If you have managed well then it leads you to success otherwise failure is your fate. 

So focus on the single most important point: how to manage the army in worse condition. Your soldiers are lined up in blue while the soldiers of your enemy are lined up in red color. 

Very interesting war. You can buy the soldiers with money. A good question from where you can earn money? When you defeat your enemy you can earn money after every success. So this money can be spent to buy the soldiers. But the high risk in the Art of War game is the high costs of soldiers. When you don’t have money then you can’t buy the soldiers for your success. 


Name Art of War: Legions

Publisher Fastone Games HK

Version 5.4.8

Size 163M

Category Tactic

MOD Features Menu/Summon/One hit kill

Support Android 4.1+

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Special Strategy in Art of War game

The most important and special strategy in this game is flexible use of intelligence. Your job of controlling the army is more important as compared to fighting. You must prepare a powerful army that has the capacity to remain in the battle field and win. Your reasonable arrangement is to select the best soldiers and organize them into different squads against the enemy. 

Multiple Strategy in Art of War

In the Art of war different soldiers have their own different functions. Some perform the duty  as melee troops, some are archers, gunners and others are defensive warriors. Each squad has their own special function. Your duty is to decide about their right place of duty and make them fully power full with best decisions. 

For example, legionaries with shields will be at the top, directly followed by fighters with long spears, also a conformation of horses , falconers, and gunners will bear to support and deal damage from behind.

If your enemy has a lot of soldiers then it is best to attack with cannons to minimize them in quantity. When you see the enemy.  close then buy the soldiers with gold or money. The most important thing in this game is which force can buy the most soldiers. 

Constant Performance

Searches are constantly streamlined in the Legions store. They’re classified from easy to delicate, but they all carry great prices. Conquering searches, you show your particular position and get loads of gold and experience to upgrade yourself. When you reach position 14, there’s a chance to unlock special hunts.

Different Level of the game

Art of War has multi levels for players. When you pass a stage then you will be promoted to next and higher level. Each level builds a stronger army for you but it also develops a stronger company on the opposite side. It means your enemies also get stronger after every stage and level.  In the initial stage or level the game is simple but higher level is full of fun and most challenging.  If you have a craze to play war type challenging game then don’t miss Art of War: Legions Mod Apk Latest version. 

Team Upgradation

Utilize the gold acquired from missions and triumphs to gain by redesigning your soldiers in fights. Gold coins are a critical component in the game since it figures out what sort of warriors you will purchase. Heavy armament specialists and knights are great troopers, yet their costs are high, and you can’t get them to an extreme. The game is allowed to download, however you can likewise utilize money to change over into virtual cash and serve your rounds.


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Final words

Art of war games provide you with real life experience about the battles. So if you want to enjoy a survival type game like Last Day on earth then Download this amazing strategy game. 


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