Avg Cleaner Pro APK V6.6.0 {No Ads} Mod+Pro Unlocked Clean Out Junk


Hey guys, Welcome to the site apkzoon.com. Today we are going to talk about a fantastic modded Android app. It is an excellent cleaner app that will enable your android phone to work smoother and more actively. Every day for you guys, I’m sharing some great paid apps for free. Likewise, Avg Cleaner Pro APK also incredible.

An Android app Avg Cleaner Pro is top-rated around the globe. However, if your android phone is slow, you must try this Avg Cleaner MOD. This application will clean your Android device from unnecessary junk and files and make it more user-friendly.

What Is Avg Cleaner

Avg cleaner cleans your android devices quickly and makes them very active. It is the most useful application that manages and optimizes all smartphone devices.

It increases the speed, memory, and battery of your phone. Developer VG Mobile launched this app on April 30, 2013. This app helps you clean Cache, Media, Files and boosts Android devices’ performance.

50M+ active users prove that this app is one of the best storage cleanup and enhancer apps on the online market.

What Is Avg Cleaner Pro APk

Avg Cleaner PRO APK is a premium version of the Original App. Unfortunately, anonymous developers cracked the Avg Cleaner App by hacking it. All premium features like battery saver, booster, cache cleaner, and many more that require your money have been included in the app free of charge. A money-saving version of Avg Cleaner is also known as  Avg Cleaner MOD APK.

Avg Cleaner Pro Apk Features

All the features in this app are incredible. This post would be too long if it covered all of the features in one post. Our post’s purpose is to help you download Avg Cleaner Pro MOD. Therefore, we will only mention the most significant features. 

Cache Cleaner

Most Android Phone users are familiar with cache files. After clicking any app on the phone, the Android Operating System creates cache files and stores them in the phone’s memory.

That is why Hanging and Battery Draining are common problems on the phone. It is necessary to remove to avoid issues like Hanging and Battery Draining. The unique feature of Avg Cleaner Pro APK is that it offers you an inbuilt Cache Cleaner for free.

Manage Apps

 Multiple apps aren’t as essential but take up a lot of storage space.

This app is beneficial to uninstall an application that you rarely used. The excellent feature is that it offers you a comprehensive overview of apps that spend your mobile data, battery energy, and, of course, storage. In this way, it’s helpful to optimize and speed up your android phone.

Battery Saver and Optimizer

Every Android user knows that newer devices use less battery, but more energy and resources are used as it gets older, shortening battery life.

Everybody wants the battery of their mobiles to remain alive for a long time. So developers add battery-saving and optimizing features to this app. Avg cleaner pro mod apk analyzes which apps and activities waste too much energy. With this information, You can edit the settings to control it.

Surprisingly, this app gives you battery profiles like work, car, low battery, and home. Moreover, users of the app can choose any profile to build your custom profile mode.

Ehananc RAM

Mobile phones run very slowly due to low RAM. If it happens to you, let me clarify that you can enhance your phone’s Ram with the help of Avg Cleaner Pro MOD APK. it makes your smartphone fast and deletes all the background junk files

Media & Files Cleaner

It often occurs that the same file, photos, or videos get saved twice on the phone. Due to this, the storage of the phone gets filled. In that case, your phone will hang and slow. In this situation, I suggest you download Avg Cleaner Premium APK on your phone, which will delete all the double files. And just a single copy of each file will save on your phone.

Set & forget/Auto Reminder

Everyone is so busy in this hectic life because it is challenging to spend 1 minute with their family, so items become more straightforward by the cooperation of technology. In this busy routine, no one wants to waste their time cleaning their smartphone. In this case, download the avg cleaner MOD APK and set a time interval, then this app automatically cleans your device. Auto Reminder creates it easy to detect and disassemble junk in one click. 

Download Avg cleaner pro apk

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