Art of War: Legions v5.4.8 Mod APK Unlimited Soldiers

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Art of War: Legions v5.4.8 Mod APK Unlimited Soldiers

Art of War: Legions Mod APK

Download Art of War: Legions v5.4.8 Mod APK Unlimited Soldiers

To win in the Legions, you'll have to use your intelligence most flexibly. You won't have to fight any adversaries on your own, but your job is much more important than controlling an army of dogfaces.


Produce the most important army possible, and be ready to face an army of adversaries. As long as after the battle is entirely over, your army is still on the battleground, and also you'll win.

Your job in this game is to choose the types of dogfaces, also nicely arrange the team to oppose the adversary.


Depending on the quantum of correlation between the two brigades and the adversary’s strengths, you need to choose people and arrange their positions meetly. Produce a solid defense to weaken the adversary’s strength first, or strike first to knock down the opponent incontinently, and it’s your choice.
There are numerous different types of dogfaces in Legions, similar as ruckus colors, hunters, gunners, protective dogfaces, etc. Each force will have a fully different function, and You need to arrange them in the right place to bring out the full power of these dogfaces.

For illustration, dogfaces with securities will be at the top, incontinently followed by dogfaces with long pikestaffs, also a conformation of equines, hunters, and gunners will stand to support and deal damage from before.


Still, it's advised to attack with cannons and curvatures first to limit the number of adversaries, If your opponent is swarming from hence. Also when they get close to ruckus combat. The colors you'll buy from the shop.

You can buy as important as you want, but it'll bring you a lot of gold. Thus, the computation to decide which force to buy, in what volume, is essential.
Use the gold earned from operations and palms to subsidize on upgrading your team in battles. Gold coins are a significant factor in the game because it determines what kind of team you'll buy.

Gunners and knights are good dogfaces, but their prices are enough grandly, and you ca n’t buy them too much. The game is free to download, but you can also use cash to convert into virtual currency and serve your rounds.

Download Art Of War: Legions Mod APK

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