How To Edit Videos In KineMaster

KineMaster is a highly rated video editing program that has surpassed millions of downloads around the world since its release. It comes with a variety of features that can draw the most attention to your video. The interface is extremely user-friendly There is no need for the manual. It is necessary to follow the easy steps within this post to improve the quality of your video.

How To Edit Videos In Kinemaster:

There are 8 steps to help you use KineMaster to create engaging videos.

  • How to generate videos using KineMaster
  • How to Edit Videos Using KineMaster
  • How to Remove Audio in a video
  • How to Add Music in a Video 
  • How to Record Audio 
  • How to cut or trim Videos
  • How to use Transition Effects on a video
  • How to add text to the video

How to generate Videos Using KineMaster?

In the beginning, you must first install the KineMaster app on the device you are using. It is available to download on Google Play Store and Apple Store. After you’ve completed the installation procedure, you need to open the application. This will present you with an interface that is the primary one. Tap on the red “+” icon that is in the middle, and then click Project Assistant. Select the camera icon located in the middle of the panel. If this is your first time that you’ve used KineMasterto access your camera it will request permission to connect to your camera. Once you have granted it after which your device’s camera will begin to open. Take a video and when you’re done, click the tick icon on the right. You can include any background music from your collection to make your video.

How To Edit Video Using KineMaster?

How to make video in KineMaster step by step

To edit your videos first you have to upload the videos to KineMaster. To do this, launch the KineMaster app, and then click the plus  icon at the top of the main page. Select the  empty Project option, and then choose  the ‘Media Browser’. Choose any video in the gallery or another folder that you’ve stored on your device. After selecting, click on the tick icon located in the upper right corner. The video that you selected can be added onto the timeline in KineMaster to edit. You can now modify the video with the tools available in KineMaster.

How to Remove Audio of your video Using KineMaster?

If you’d like to erase the audio that is already present in the video that you have uploaded then you must choose the video from the timeline, then tap the ‘Audio’ button on the top of the media panel. When you click that button there will be an adjustable scale that allows you to modify to the audio volume in the clip. Just click on the mute icon to silence the entire audio, and drag it towards the leftmost end.

How to Add Music in a Video Using KineMaster App?

To add your favourite music to your video, first upload the video file to KineMaster. Select the Audio option from the media panel on the right side of the screen. Then click the Add(+) button to select a music file from your library.

After selecting your favourite music file, click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner. Now, you can edit audio through KineMaster with some custom tools like filters, compression etc. and a loop option is also available.

How to record audio Using KineMaster?

How to make video in KineMaster step by step

Using KineMaster you can record your voice in a video. Adding your voice to a video is not a complicated process, just click on the voice option and then click on the start button.

This will request permission for KineMaster to record audio on your device for this process. Once you’re done, click the Stop button. If you want to edit recorded audio, use loop, voice filter and voice volume, review, re-record and trim.

How to cut or trim Videos?

How to make video in KineMaster step by step

Using KineMaster you can also trim or cut some portion of the video. For eliminating undesire portions from the video, click at lowermost of the video to change the boundary of the video clips into yellow colour. Then only you will see a scissors icon and tap on that icon. Wherea You’ll be able to select several options, such as trimming left and right of the playhead and split on playhead as well as extracting audio. You can choose any option you want.

How to use Transition Effects on a video Using KineMaster?

To give your video more attention, you can add transition effects. This is a simple task. To add transition effects, click the grey square at the centre of the video. Then you will get numerous options such as Classic, presentation, Picture and text etc .After adding transition effects to the video, click on the Play button to preview the effects of the transition.

How do I add text to the video?

It’s important to include text in videos today. Click on the icon Aa to change the font size.Use the animation option to move the text up, down, or clockwise as you watch the video. Add shadows, borders, and glow colours to your text.

Final words

I hope that this article will assist you in acquiring all the information you require regarding how to use KineMaster to make amazing videos. Still if you need any help or have any questions about kineMaster MasterTell us in the comments below.

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