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App Description

Nowadays the latest technology and digital era. Almost all people are using Android devices. Nearly all the work is shifted to smartphones. Business, freelancing, digital marketing, online earning, even education is also transferred online. Whatever you are doing is not a matter, but you can use smartphones for all these purposes. Playing games, doing things by apps, reading e-books, and even ordering food can be done by smartphones with convenience.People use an unlimited variety of Android devices. Some people use Apple smartphones while many people use Samsung. But here in this article, I am telling you about Package Disabler Pro, a special app for Samsung users. It is an awesome app that refreshes your smartphones from unnecessary apps. 

File Info

App NamePackage Disabler Pro
Latest Version16.2 build 122
MOD InfoFull Paid Version
Update3 weeks ago

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About Package Disabler Pro

It is a common problem for all smartphone users how to delete unnecessary apps? Package Disabler Pro has solved this issue in Samsung Android devices. Many pre-installed apps make smartphones slow. If you want to delete all those pre-installed apps which are not essential, download the Package Disabler modded Version because many apps cannot be deleted with Freedom APK.

As we all know, rooting is easy on Android devices as these have very flexible operating systems. Due to this reason, the majority of people are using Smartphones around the world. Therefore, many apps are essential to keep the device in the best condition. Unfortunately, however, some apps are useless to make the android devices slow.

Why should I remove useless apps?

If you feel inconvenient with extra and unnecessary apps on your Android device, explore the unnecessary app’s adverse effects in this article. For example, do you know some useless apps remain running in the background and slow down your device? If you are also facing a problem regarding your Samsung mobile device, then package Disabler Mod will help you get rid of useless apps. Removal of unnecessary apps makes your device faster.

App’s methodology

Package Disabler apk was specially created to disable the system apps of Samsung. All the methods of how to use this app? is simple. The very first step is to install the app on an Android device. First, it seeks permission to get access to the system of smartphone devices. System access is essential to disable its unnecessary applications. Whatever apps you want to delete from system apps, select to turn off.

No need to root the device

The majority of apps require rooting the device before installation. As rooting means to allow users to intervene in the systems furthermore.  But this outstanding application does not need to root the smartphones. So this awesome feature minimizes the risks for users who are using this application. 

Quick Search

This is the best feature of package disabler app to search specific apps that need to be disabled as some apps remain in operating condition in the background. Therefore, it is necessary to search for such useless apps and get rid of them with  disabler mod apk . 

Disable the apps

As we all know, no one can easily remove system apps without Disable Pro. This is because the system of apps does not give access to users to delete background running apps. This awesome app, however, does not uninstall the apps but disable their work or update. Mostly the update options of many apps cause an error or some technical issues. 

Preserve Resources

Almost all system applications remain in running condition in the background. This condition will cause a memory shortage in the Android device. In addition, in old devices, it will not allow you to play the games. These hidden apps make the device leggy and slow. Package Disabler App saves your device resources like memory, RAM, Battery, and many other things. This app also makes your device powerful. 

Final Words

Suppose you want to get rid of unnecessary apps and keep your phone in perfect condition. So it would be best if you desperately had Package disabler pro. 

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