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Snack Video App

In today’s post, we will introduce you to the best alternative to the Tik Tok app, which is known as the Snack Video App. Snack Video is a state-of-the-art [newest]social networking platform that lets you create and enjoy many short film videos. It also allows you to share your favorite videos with other Snack Video users or with your friends via other social networks. It helps you to create your video and get millions of followers. You can enjoy very interesting, funny, magic videos on the Snack Video app. Enjoy your likes, leave out what you don’t like, and stream the never-ending video series from millions of users around the world.

snack video

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features of Snack Video App

Video Uploading

The amazing feature of snack video is that it permits users to upload their videos to the app.

Video Editing

Video editing features of snack video allow users to cut, rotate or flip their videos. Users can also control the speed of their videos. So it allows you to create fast or slow-motion videos. Another amazing thing is that it allows users to record their videos and select a song. It also helps you add background music to the recorded videos.

Filters And Effects

There are plenty of filters and effects available in the video editing app. You can also use various stickers and animations to create amazing videos. The text option on snack videos helps you write your thoughts in the video.

Social Sharing

Besides sharing videos in the app, snack videos also provide users with a social media sharing button to share videos on other social media platforms. It also allows users to link their snack video profiles to various other social media platforms.


Snack video apk sends notifications to video creators to let them know who liked and commented on their videos. The notification feature also tells the users about their followers.

Likes And Comments

Snack Video allows users to like and comment on other users’ videos. The app also provides a separate folder where users can check out the videos they have liked.


The most popular feature of snack video apps is duets. This duet feature allows users to appear side-by-side on the same screen. So people can make duet videos with their favorite users/person in the app. This feature enables users to make interesting duet dare, thus gaining higher access and increasing their ability to earn money.

Live Video Streaming

The most important feature of the Snack Video app these days is live streaming. With this amazing feature, users can earn money from other users’ virtual gifts.

Real-Time Analytics

This entertainment application shows its user’s real-time analytics. This feature allows users to check likes, comments, and viewers on their videos.


Users can viral their videos by using the most trending Hashtags. Nowadays the some trending hashtags are; #EidwithEidhi, #snowwonder, #snackActingstar, #Whatlfilmold, #singleme, #Happinessback, #MyTransition.

earn money from snack video

Make Money

Snack Video  App is an amazing platform for earning by watching and uploading videos. This application allows you to earn coins by inviting other friends to the app. Users can withdraw their earnings by JazzCash, EasyPay in Pakistan, and PayPal and Payoneer in other countries.



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