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Snapchat App 

Snapchat Apk is a fantastic app by which users can exchange their videos, pictures and messages to their special ones. They exchanged videos or pictures called “Snap”, which meant that they would disappear after they viewed them. It has an advanced camera which functions to take photos or videos. Different types of unique filters, lenses, and effects are how you can take photos and share them with your friends. 

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Features of  Snapchat Apk 

The users mostly used Snapchat to talk to their friends, take photos, and shoot videos using lenses and filters and other effects. Most Twitter and YouTube users may also use Snapchat to keep up with current events and make their topics more interesting. 

Snapchat filters  

Many different elegant filters are there by which people can make fun. By using these filters, people can release their depression and enjoy it. some Snapchat filters are: 

  •  Cherry cheeks, by cam 
  •  Bratz, by Aida 
  • Cloudy, by alexia 
  • Playboy, by Olivia 
  • Doodle planets, by cam 

Snapchat Apk  lenses 

The camera of Snapchat offers elegant lenses for its users. These lenses give a radiant look to users photos and videos. That’s amazing. Some top lenses are: 

  • The Bahamas 
  •  Disco avocado 
  • Blinding lights 
  • Sunflower 

 Snapchat Stories 

Snap(photos or videos you want to share) is chosen and directly sent to their friends or posted on your story by which all of your contacts can see it. Your contact can see it for only one day before it will disappear. 

Snap streak 

The count of how many days in which two people have been sending a snap to each other is” Snap streak”.If they send snap every day, their Streak becomes longer. 

The positive effect of  Snapchat Apk  

Snapchat creates positive feelings among users. It also makes them happy, silly, spontaneous and self-conscious. So Snapchat is advanced social networking that has elegant and remarkable features and both good and bad effects.

Harmful effects of Snapchat 

Children and young ones overuse Snapchat. It is the second-worst social media app for teens. Young ones share compromising photos or are involved in cyber-crimes. The negative mental effect occurs due to over usage of snap chat that may be: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Loneliness 
  • Depression 
  • Body consciousness 
  • Eating disorder 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know that you have Streak? 

It is shown by a bit of a symbol of flame , and no of Streak appears in front of the camera Hays. Those people can see this which is involved in Streak. 

Why are young ones interested in getting streaks? 

Streak produces a sense of competition among young ones. Many young ones want to get more streaks to show others that they have a very close friendship with their contacts. Suppose someone has a stronger friendship than others. It affects their self_esteem. 

Is Snapchat Apk secure?

According to the privacy point of view, Snapchat is much more secure as photos, videos, and messages use encryption, but it doesn’t mean that all of the information becomes secured.

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